5 Amazing Benefits of Virtual Assistant Jobs For a Side Gig

5 Amazing Benefits of Virtual Assistant Jobs For a Side Gig
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    From Siri to Alexa, we all are big fans of virtual assistants, but did you know that you also can be a virtual assistant?

    Yes, it is not only an actual job, but it is one of the rapidly growing careers all around the globe.


In fact, as per Prialto, there are almost 10s of millions of freelancers as virtual assistants that are currently operating remotely all around the globe.

But first, let’s answer a couple of questions. What exactly is a virtual assistant?

To answer, virtual assistants are usually the part-time or full-time remote workers who offer support to the organizations by handling typical assistant tasks such as scheduling appointments, making phone calls, scheduling emails, etc. Businesses prefer virtual assistants because as per statistics, it assists them in saving 78% of the operational cost of hiring full-time employees.

On one hand, where the majority of freelancers are continuing this job full-time, there are many who are doing the job of virtual assistants as a side gig. After being clear on the definition of being a virtual assistant, if you are still confused about whether you should choose virtual assistant as a side gig or not, then this blog is your answer.

This blog will effectively highlight the top 5 convincing reasons why virtual assistant jobs are a perfect match for you as a side gig.  So let us dive right into the blog without further ado.

5 Exceptional Perks of Virtual Assistant Jobs For a Side Gig

1) Greater flexibility

Whenever we look for a side gig, our major requirement always remains flexibility of time and place. As it does not matter whether we are students, employees, or employers looking for a side gig, we have another priority to fulfill first.

This is the reason we want to look for a side gig that can offer us enough flexibility that allows us to work according to our terms. That is why virtual assistance is a perfect side because similar to other flexible jobs,  it also offers the flexibility of time and place.

To elaborate, as you will be working remotely, you do not have to get up early and take a bus or train to reach your office. Being a virtual assistant you can work from any corner of the world and still get a healthy income.

Along with this, unlike on-site 9 to 5 office employees, you do not have to sit in front of the desk your whole day till the clock says 5 and you feel relaxed that it’s your time to go home. You can take your work wherever you want to go. For example, you can still work by sipping your favorite Starbucks coffee or by working on your other projects. 

2) Meticulous practical exposure

In the contemporary world, people do not only pick side gigs to earn some extra bucks but they also want exposure alongside healthy income. Hence, this highlights our second perk of being a virtual assistant, it offers practical exposure that can assist in your career growth.

To elaborate, we all are very well aware of the fact that being tech-savvy in today’s world is a necessity. Hence, no matter what field you are in, gaining exposure to technological advancements will only lead to your career excellence.

That being said, you as a virtual assistant will only be connected through technology. So it gives you a wide opportunity to get familiar with the latest technologies. Along with this, being a virtual assistant in any industry gives you familiarity with their operations. This will assist you in gaining exposure to the corresponding industry.

Moreover, if you choose to become a virtual assistant in the industry you aspire to work in, it will just add a cherry to the top of the cake.  The major reason is that along with it being a side gig, it will also count as an experience in your professional life.

3) Impressive earning prospects

If you get to set your pay rate nothing can be better than that in a side gig. This highlights another benefit of pursuing virtual assistant as a side gig, it offers the flexibility of setting your pay rates.

To elaborate, initially, the pay rate can be minimal as you have to still get familiar with all the functionalities and operations. However, with time, as you will hone your skills, you can increase your pay rate as you want.

Moreover, a virtual assistant is a remote job, so you can pitch your skills to different businesses operating in different corners of the world. For instance, you can stay in America and work in the United Kingdom. This way, you can even earn more than your expertise as every country and organization has its own pay rate for hiring virtual assistants. In fact, as per statistics, Virtual assistants can make anything between $2 to $20 per hour. That’s not bad, right?

4) Low investments

We often prefer a side gig that consists of the lowest investments and in virtual assistant, you just need a good laptop and an internet connection.

However, with time, as you grow and connect with a more clientele base,  you might need some extra software for more efficient results. Along with this, this software will also contribute to your self-improvement so it is always better to invest in some effective software for better results. And for that, you can always use the income you will earn through your previous clients.

These software will take care of your repetitive and mundane tasks which will save you time and you can invest the saved time in doing something more productive. However, if you feel you are better off without software and applications, then you do not necessarily have to invest in any of them.

5) Greater productivity

We all are very well aware of the fact how much energy and time these on-site office jobs drain from us. It not only impacts our physical and mental health but also impacts our overall productivity.

For example, you woke up, got ready, took a ride, and drove up to work. Half of your time went into traveling and getting ready. This takes up a lot of time when you can be more productive. Along with this, if you choose a side gig, you always want it to be more of a less.

To elaborate, you want to invest less of your efforts and get more results. There’s a clear implementation of the Pareto Principle over here which can assist you in identifying the key tasks that require more attention.

When you choose a virtual assistant as a side gig, it saves you the time of traveling and doing other time-wasting chores. This saved time can be used to do something more productive and efficient which can assist you in your career excellence.

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For instance, if you are a student, then you can utilize the saved time in studying or opting for some more side gigs along.

To encapsulate, we believe that the above given are all the convincing benefits of virtual assistant jobs. Moreover, all the above-discussed benefits of virtual assistant jobs make it a perfect fit for a side gig.

So what are you waiting for? Apply for being a virtual assistant today and avail of the given above benefits.

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