The Best Tips for Improving Campus Security

The Best Tips for Improving Campus Security
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    It’s no secret that many college campuses in America have security issues.

    After all, campuses are like miniature cities—people fight, throw loud parties, and sometimes get into other kinds of trouble, just like in most towns.


Here are the best tips for improving campus security.

Install Emergency Phones

If you’ve been in a new parking garage recently, you may have seen an emergency phone. Unlike phone booths, which are becoming obsolete, these phones only call a 911 dispatcher or, in some cases, a garage security office.

Many college campuses have started installing these devices along sidewalks. This makes it easy for a student walking alone at night to call for help if they feel like they’re being followed or in the event something unsafe has occurred.

Hire More Campus Police

Hiring more officers to patrol campus grounds may be another good step to take since an increased police presence helps to deter crime. It also ensures that if an emergency situation does arise, there will be an officer available to respond quickly.

Provide Evening Security Escorts

Another feature that some universities have implemented is offering students the ability to ask for an escort while walking through campus at night. If a student feels unsafe, they can call a number and request that an authorized security personnel escort them to their car or dorm.

Since many would-be criminals avoid targeting people in groups, these services make it harder for those individuals to isolate people.

Offer Self Defense Classes

Another tip for improving campus security is to provide free classes on self-defense for students. This way, students can defend themselves in an emergency situation without relying on the availability of security escorts and police.

Sometimes, just the knowledge that the campus is training students in self-defense helps deter crime.

Keep Campus Utilities Secure

Not having to visit a laundromat is one of the many things tenants love about on-site laundry. However, being alone in a dorm laundry room at night can still give students the feeling of being vulnerable.

To help students feel safe and deter crime attempts, make sure dorm laundry rooms cannot be accessed by the public. In fact, students from different dorms should not have access to other buildings’ laundry facilities.

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Install Security Cameras

Cameras are an integral part of most modern security systems, and for good reason. First of all, if a crime does occur, having cameras around will help campus security apprehend the perpetrator and provide an accurate record of what happened during the event.

However, the presence of cameras in itself can be a crime deterrent since people committing crimes don’t want to leave any form of evidence, especially of the visual sort.

If you want to attract more students to your campus, it’s a good idea to take critical steps to prevent crime. Students who feel safe will be more successful and more likely to encourage others to attend your school.

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