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Education Tips

5 Awesome Work-Study Jobs for College Students

Getting some work-study jobs under your belt while you do a college program is an amazing way to put something good on your resume. In fact, it is recommended by the Department of Education.

Education Tips

What are the Pros and Cons of Part Time Learning?

Many high school leavers look forward to enrolling for courses in different colleges as full time students. This is what is expected of somebody’s educational trend.

Personal Advice

How to do a Good College Presentation (Part 3/3)

Now that your presentation is ready, it’s time to practice in giving your college presentation. You will be nervous. That’s okay. But practice will help you get through it.

Personal Advice

How To Do A Good College Presentation (Part 2/3)

Last Friday, we began our discussion on how to do a college presentation. We pick it up today viewing some key action points as you prepare your presentation.

Personal Advice

How to do a Good College Presentation (Part 1/3)

Speeches do not only occur in schools, but also in companies and associations. That can be quite exciting, especially if you have never done it before or not often.

Collegiate Sports

3 Key Reasons Why College Sports Athletes Need To Be Paid!

When President Roosevelt formed the NCAA back in 1905, he wanted to create an institution that would provide financial assistance to those student-athletes who were involved in different sports.

Traveling Student

Destination Europe: Ready, Set, Go!

Europe is the most diverse continent on the planet, with unique and different cultures at every place you visit. So many places to see and things to do anywhere you may land.

Education Tips

Learning Spanish – A New Way to Get Closer to the Community

On this particular occasion, I would like to focus on the Spanish language, one that is not only beautiful but also functional on a daily basis.

Collegiate Sports

What is the Importance of College Athletics to Society?

College athletics is something that joins us all together as people and as a nation. There is a unique importance to college athletics that appears to be something that is all its own.

NCAA Basketball

3 Amazing Battles Coming Your Way in the 2019 NCAA Basketball Series!

Tweet For instance, back in 2018, Caleb Martin traded buckets with Marques Townes in a heated match between Nevada and Loyola Chicago. In fact, most of us who love and


3 Steps to Choosing the Right College Major for You

Halfway through college you’re supposed to decide what subject you want to specialize in. Some colleges allow you to design your own majors, while others want you to choose from the available major subjects.

Campus Safety

Unattended Vehicle? How To Protect Your Car On College Campus

If you’re driving your car to school and it’s left in the parking area, you should take extra precautions to avoid vandalism and theft. There are other contributing factors to determine if your car is truly safe on campus including a security professional and the use of cameras.