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Don’t Allow Bad Grades to Keep You From College

You flunked out of college and your dreams of obtaining a degree have been dashed. Those dreams, however, might actually only be deferred provided you take corrective action to get back on course.

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Good News: Strong 4-Year Grad Rates For Community College Transferees

Community colleges, also known as technical colleges and junior colleges, provide access to higher education for millions of students.

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College Completion: Where Students End Up

Tweet In some states, including Minnesota, at least one in four students that started college in 2006 completed their degree elsewhere. In Alaska, 28 percent of college students didn’t just


Background Check: Bachelor Degree Verification

In a tight job market, candidates may be asked to possess something that they did not need to have just five or 10 years ago: a bachelor’s degree. Numerous jobs, from file clerks to dental hygienists, may now require a four-year degree at some companies.

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Census Study Reveals Employment Trends for Working Students

Tweet Most college students do work while attending college. Students that work their way through college are nothing new. Perhaps a bit surprising is that nearly three-quarters of all college

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Bachelor Degree Achievement Tops 30 Percent

Tweet Percentage of college-educated Americans reaches new high. This news comes from the U.S. Census Bureau in its report, “Educational Attainment in the United States: 2011,” that was released last

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Career Choice: Public Relations Specialist

Tweet Turn your gift for public speaking into a career. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 24 percent job growth for all public relations specialists by 2018, a

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Georgetown Study: Pay Scale of the College Majors

Tweet The Economic Value of College Majors,” reveals that the pay scales of college majors ranges from $29,000 for counseling majors to $120,000 for petroleum engineering majors. This first of

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Andrew Jackson University Goes Tuition Free

Tweet This article isn’t an endorsement of Andrew Jackson University, rather it is our way of shining the light on the various happenings across academia. Probably the most important concern