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Campus Cars

What Students Need To Know About Buying a Used Car

Whether this is your first vehicle or not, there are still some very important things that all students need to know about buying a used car.

Campus Cars

Some Good News and Bad News About Keeping a Car on Campus

There’s nothing quite like having your own car on campus. Simply said, you get to come and go as you please. Plus, there’s an air of coolness about having your own car.

Campus Cars

A Guide to Car Insurance as You Attend College Out of State

Going to college out of state leads to a different lifestyle while studies are completed.

Campus Cars

What Kind of Car Is Best For College Students?

For most students, living to a budget is simply part of life. However, what happens if you need a car to get to class and you have a tight budget? In this useful guide, we will help you find the kind of car best for college students.

Campus Cars

Should You Send Your Daughter To School With A Car This Fall?

Tweet Lots of students will be heading off to college this fall driving their own or a family car and keeping that vehicle with them for the academic year. Some

Campus Cars

Cash For Clunkers? Good Riddance!

Tweet President Obama quickly signed into law what is billed as “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” a $787 billion package which he hopes will help stimulate the economy. That

Campus Cars

Campus Car Banning Continues To Expand

Tweet Students who wish to have a car with them while attending college are finding the going more and more difficult as colleges across the nation. Some schools have a

Campus Cars

Thieves May Want Your Campus Car!

Tweet We all know that car theft remains a persistent problem, an issue that overwhelms some police departments particularly in urban areas. For college students who must rely on personal


Recapping SayCampuslife — The Best of the First Half!

Tweet With 2008 halfway over, SayCampusLife has published over 200 articles since we launched this site in December 2007. Your interest in what we have to share with you as