A Guide to Car Insurance as You Attend College Out of State

A Guide to Car Insurance as You Attend College Out of State
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    Going to college out of state leads to a different lifestyle while studies are completed.


Adjustments will be needed to your monthly budget, with some things costing less and others costing more. One of the budgetary changes to be addressed is car insurance while you are temporarily living on campus in another state from where your parents lived.

If you were on their auto insurance policy before, you might be able to stay on as another driver, but you will have to check conditions and premiums through the insurance agent. Here are some other considerations to keep in mind.

How often will you be driving?

When deciding the type of driving insurance coverage you will need, one of the first things to consider is how frequently you plan to drive.

If you live in a dormitory, you may not have much need to drive off campus except for occasional recreational purposes.

Moving into an apartment near campus may put you near a bus stop, which would reduce the amount of driving you will have to do.

Calculate your monthly mileage when applying for a car insurance policy.

How far will you be driving?

In addition to frequency, think about how often you will be driving. Students who live on campus or nearby may drive mainly on weekends with occasional weekday travel for shopping, doctor appointments, and similar needs.

Get an idea of the actual weekly or monthly you anticipate for your stay at college to give the car insurance agency, for example LA insurance, an idea of your coverage needs.

What type of vehicle will you drive?

Students who receive a brand new vehicle after graduating high school and then go on to college may have to pay higher car insurance premiums than those who drive older cars. Much will depend on the vehicle’s condition, its safety features, and your driving habits. If you are thinking about buying a new or used car for college, talk to an insurance agent for an idea of the premium costs for certain vehicles.

other valuable tips:

Will you be the only driver?

Sharing a car with a sibling who is attending the same out-of-state college can reduce fuel costs while impacting insurance premiums. Your driving habits may vary. Ask your insurance agent how being part of a two-driver policy will affect your insurance rates.

Going away to college is an exciting opportunity to learn more about the world beyond your hometown. Learn more about car insurance rates while planning transportation needs at your new campus location.

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