Some Good News and Bad News About Keeping a Car on Campus

Some Good News and Bad News About Keeping a Car on Campus
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    There's nothing quite like having your own car on campus.

    Simply said, you get to come and go as you please. Plus, there's an air of coolness about having your own car.

    Those who don't have a car sort of look up to you as an independent and perhaps more mature individual.


Of course, there are lots of ways to get around both the campus and the surrounding environment, including walking, taking a bus, biking, or just plain asking one of those car owning, cool friends to give you a ride somewhere.

According to a report on the topic of cars on campus, generally speaking, freshman are not allowed to have a car on campus. That means when sophomore year comes long, students are naturally very eager to have their own car at their disposal.

But having your own ride on campus isn’t all good. There are some cons that go with it too. That said, here’s the good and not so good about having a car on your college campus.   


A Car Means Convenience

How great is it when you don’t have to wait for a bus in the freezing cold, or walk around in the rain, or ride a bike with flat tires? You can drive to the supermarket to buy groceries and other necessities. You can also drive your friends around if need be, which can give you some satisfaction, so long as they help with paying for gas.

Cars Mean Independence

If you have your own car, you don’t have to bother friends and/or your folks for a ride. You’re free to go wherever you want, when you want. It’s that simple.

You’re not at the mercy of bus schedules, nor the busses themselves which can get crowded, are often late, and make a million stops between Point A and Point Z. 

Cars Mean Travel

Perhaps the best advantage to having a car on campus is travel. Travel doesn’t mean you drive to the mall or the grocery store and back.

It means you can drive to a far away destination like another state or along a coast.

As the holidays come around, you can drive home if you so choose, even if your home is a state or two away, which is very common in the northeastern portion of the US. Maybe you and some friends want to go to a concert or a music festival that’s a 150 miles away.

Not only can you go, but hopefully everyone will be willing to pitch in for the gas. In college, there’s nothing quite like the road-trip!  


Cars Cost Money

You’re going to have to pay for a semester parking pass, gas, and car maintenance like routine oil changes. Also, if you get in a fender bender, you’ll have to pay for repairs. That’s why it pays to find a garage and/or mobile mechanic who is both reasonably priced and trustworthy.

Also, if you get your keys locked in the car, it can be a real nightmare. You’re not going to have your parents around to help you out.

But according to Car Keys Pro, if you suddenly realize you’ve locked your keys in the car, and you have no access to a spare set, the car can still be easily unlocked by a professional locksmith utilizing lock picks and/or tools, at a reasonable cost.

It’s a good idea to have the phone number of just suck a locksmith in your speed-dial app.

Cars Need to be Parked

Let’s face it, campus parking can be a real problem at times. If you attend an urban campus like Boston University for instance, many of the parking meters can be taken, odd regulations for parking on which side of the road at odd hours of the day will apply, not to mention parking ramps which can be overcrowded.

But if you attend a campus located in a rural area or a suburban environment, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

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Cars Mean Everyone’s Your Friend

It’s inevitable that you and your car will become very popular with people who constantly need rides somewhere. If you wish for friends to tag along on your travels that’s fine.

But if people are taking advantage of you and not assisting you with paying for gas, that’s quite another. It’s important to establish ground rules with people who constantly want rides and they will take the hint, big time.

If you own a pickup truck, you will be constantly bribed into moving people in and out of dorms and/or apartments. Bribes can run from cash money to a case of beer (if you’re of age), but don’t take the bait unless it’s a good friend.

Your best bet is to invest in a bumper sticker that reads, “Yes this is my truck and no I can’t move you!”

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