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4 Things College Students Should Know About Keeping Their Car in Working Condition

As a college student, having a working car is essential. Whether you’re driving to classes, picking up a late-night snack at a local fast-food restaurant, or going on a road trip with your friends, you depend on your car to always be ready to go.

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Buying a Used Car in College – What You Should Know

Due to their low and affordable costs and considering high college expenses, a used car will just be ideal for any college student. However, buying a used car can go from an advantage to a disadvantage; 0 – 100 real quick!

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9 Ways to Save Money in College

College is expensive and those costs may keep you from academic pursuits. In many fields a degree is required, but attaining the higher education dream may seem beyond your reach.

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College Freshmen: Off to College Prep

About one month from now, hundreds of thousands of college freshman will begin to descend on college campuses, particularly across the south. By the end of August those numbers will mushroom with the final group of freshmen on campus sometime around Labor Day.

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7 Ways to Save Money at College

Tweet Keeping your college budget under control. Read on for some valuable and timely tips on how to save money at college. 1. Apply for financial aid — Regardless of