College Freshmen: Off to College Prep

College Freshmen: Off to College Prep
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    About one month from now, hundreds of thousands of college freshman will begin to descend on college campuses, particularly across the south.

    By the end of August those numbers will mushroom with the final group of freshmen on campus sometime around Labor Day.


It is the “big move” for many students, including the first time that some have lived apart from their families.

Chances are that you are already beginning to make your plans to go off to college. If so, you’re managing your summer wisely and will avoid the panic that typical ensues for those who procrastinate. Just in case you fall more toward the latter category, the following tips will help you to get moving and stay focused as campus life awaits you.

1. Make doctor and dentist visits — If you are due for a check up, such as a physical, schedule it to take place before you go off to college. The same can be said for your dentist. Likely, you will be visiting both when you are on break, but if you plan to move clear across country, you may need to find new medical and dental practitioners. Make sure your shots are up to date and that your dental problems are under control.

2. Go through your wardrobe — Envision what you will wear on campus at freshman orientation. Then think about the other clothes you will wear until winter break. You will see a stark contrast in temperatures unfold throughout the fall semester, therefore pack clothing that will reflect the seasonal changes. Don’t over do your clothes packing if you will be home at some point during the semester.

3. Assemble your personal effects — There are a number of items that you will need to keep yourself clean, looking good and smelling great. Plan to bring enough personal stuff with you to keep yourself supplied for several months. You’ll pay less when you buy it locally than what you will pay on campus. Make a point to update your prescriptions too and to find a pharmacy near campus that can handle refills. Items to bring include: toothpaste, deodorant, cough drops, aspirin, a shower poof, medicine, shampoo and conditioner and shower shoes.

4. Buy your school supplies — Visit your college bookstore and you will find every supply imaginable. You will also pay a premium for what you need, so load up on pencils, pens, paper, notebooks, tape, index cards, a stapler, scissors and other supplies ahead of time. Try to time your purchase with your state’s back-to-school sales to get the best deals with no sales tax charged. Your big box retailer and office supply stores are great places to shop.

5. Go beyond the bed and the bath — Linens and things, such as towels and bedding, are items you will want to get together for your dorm. No, room service is most definitely NOT included! Bring with you your sheets, blankets, a quilt, your favorite pillow and enough towels to keep you from having to run to the laundry every few days. Pick up two BIG jugs of detergent and don’t forget the dryer sheets! A clothes basket, a drying rack and a lint remover can come in handy too. Yes, bring an iron and an ironing board if these will make you happy.

6. Keep your electronics in mind — Ha! How could you possibly forget your smartphone or your MP3 player? Or your laptop, your CDs, and other electronic paraphernalia? This can be a good time to decide what you really want to bring with you and what you will leave behind, perhaps donating it to a younger sibling. You will want to have enough of the correct chargers with you and you will also want to find out if your current cell phone company covers you at Remote U. or whether you’ll be looking for a new provider.

7. What kitchen and other furnishings to remember — If you have not touched base with your roommate yet, you may want to do so before you leave for campus. That way, you can coordinate on who will bring the coffee maker, a television, the popcorn maker and other stuff. Likely, your dorm room isn’t that big, so avoid the duplication catastrophe by reaching out to him or her today.

Off to College

You also want to make sure that your college financial aid is in order before you leave for college. If you are taking your car, have it inspected before you leave. Lastly, print out the following Off to College checklist to keep track of everything.

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