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How to Keep Motivated as a College Student

Every student has a dream, and that dream is to graduate and get what they worked for. After they graduate they will find a job that suits their skills.

Education Tips

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend Your College Lectures

Tweet Do you remember that day you woke up and found pulling the duvet over your head to be more satisfying than attending that boring lecture? You promised yourself to

College Planning

College Classes – Know What You Need to Take

Tweet Story and commentary from another friend of mine about course planning in college: One thing college students often do is blindly take the classes everyone else says they should

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Older College Student? Take A Deep Breath, It’s Going to be Okay

Tweet This is it, you have decided to take that big leap and go off to college. However, there’s a catch – you’re not as young as your peers. You’ve


How to Determine Your College Grade Point Average

Tweet Your GPA is important as it can make you eligible for the dean’s list or honor roll, enable you to apply for internships and raise your visibility among employers.

Education Tips

Winter Session: Attend or Skip?

Tweet Right now, millions of college students are finishing up the fall semester, with some taking exams this week or next. Soon, one half of the academic year will have

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Can’t Get Your Class? Take Action!

Tweet Financial reductions have hammered state budgets, cuts which have been passed on to state colleges and universities as well as community colleges and technical schools. Classes are larger, staff


Fed Behind Push To Limit Remedial Education

Tweet Freshmen college students are sometimes surprised to learn that quite a few of the courses they took in high school must be repeated in college. Worse, students have to

Campus News

Verizon, Strayer Form Unusual Educational Partnership

Tweet Taking college classes while also holding down a full time job is a difficult balancing act, a practice I am quite familiar with. Having done both for a period