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Advanced Education

What You Should Know When Pursuing a University Degree

Tweet Benefits Of Having A University Degree Many benefits come with having a university degree. Some of these advantages include: More money This is a no-brainer. According to the state

Advanced Education

How to Decide Between Earning a College Degree or Professional Certifications

Tweet In light of this, it’s understandable that college students wonder about the value of a degree. But what if getting a degree isn’t the only option? Nowadays, many professionals


What Graduating From College Taught Me – More Than a Credential

Tweet A story from a college graduate friend of mine: I assure you if you aspire to wake up early daily, survive on scraps from the cafeteria or leftovers from

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College Completion Rate Offers Dismal Results

Millions of people begin college each fall, but the completion rate for such students is downright dismal.

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How to Graduate from College without Student Loan Debt

Tweet By Kimberly Reynolds Two-thirds of college seniors graduated with loans in 2010 and carried an average of $25,250 in debt. Although these facts are alarming, keep in mind that

Career Planning

The Correlation Between a College Degree and Lifetime Earnings

Tweet By George Gallagher It has always been said that a person does not need a college degree in order to become very wealthy over time. This is still the

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Save Money By Getting Your Degree In 3 Years?

Tweet And Use The Savings To Buy A New Car! There is a trend in higher education emerging, one that could save families tens of thousands of dollars in tuition.

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Compelling Reasons Why You Should Go To College

Tweet As recently as a few years ago, having a college education meant that employment doors were opened to grads, as they tapped their school and class contacts to help


No Degree? That Might Be A Problem.

Tweet Here’s a thought: you’re in college and are frustrated with your major, even dissatisfied with your school. You’re contemplating quitting, perhaps heading out to the work world in pursuit

Campus News

Pennsylvania Program Makes Transferring College Credits Easier

Tweet A new program benefiting Pennsylvania college students has been established to help students maximize the number of credits they can transfer and count toward a college degree. “Pursuit of