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Student Health

Watching Your Health as a College Student

College students spend most of their time attending classes and working to beat deadlines. They lack sufficient time to enjoy healthy meals or exercise.

Student Health

How to Get Enough Sleep in College

What you need is a sleeping schedule. Not necessarily a perfect one, but a functional schedule. So how do you achieve that?

Student Health

How Self Care can Improve Your Grades (Part 2/2)

Tweet continued from Part1: How Self Care Can Improve Your Grades Take Your Vitamins Research shows that vitamin D receptors in the brain may also function as precursors to “happy

Student Health

How Self Care can Improve Your Grades (Part 1/2)

Tweet Between the advanced classes, extracurricular activities, teaching positions and volunteer work necessary to compete in today’s job market, college students just don’t have the time they need. Time to

Personal Advice

6 Fitness Tips For A Successful Weight Loss Plan

Tweet Expert dietitians recommend all of them. We have tried to make this weight loss plan as natural as it could be. For instance, the fruit juice and yoga are

Personal Advice

Health Insurance: Are You Covered?

Tweet As a college student, it is easy to overlook medical coverage when considering college costs. After all, you are young and vibrant and if you come down with strep