How to Get Enough Sleep in College

How to Get Enough Sleep in College
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    What you need is a sleeping schedule. Not necessarily a perfect one, but a functional schedule.

    So how do you achieve that?


Students tend not to get enough college sleep probably by staying up for longer hours to finish a project, staying awake all night studying for exams or trying to complete assignments. This is why you find many students sleeping in whenever they get the slightest chance.

They are tired, sleep deprived and fatigued that all they need is some good sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, your ability to learn gets affected. Your memory becomes poor and you tend to sleep off when in the middle of studying.

What you need is a sleeping schedule. Not necessarily a perfect one, but a functional schedule. So how do you achieve that?

1. Always schedule yourself some sleep

You need to properly plan your time so that you fix some good sleeping time in the schedule. Be very keen when you are scheduling your classes and activities at the beginning of the semester.

See if you have enough time during the day to finish off your assignments and homeworks. Look at your earliest class and your evening task to see if you can get this free time to have everything done.

2. Make sure school work gets out of your way early enough

Once you have your time scheduled appropriately, you will get time to do your classwork early before sleep time. Make sure you know when homework is due and what are your upcoming obligations to be able to plan well.

3. Don’t make caffeine part of your life, drink it once in a while

Caffeine can make you stay awake for hours or even till dawn. If you are not used to it, drink reasonable amounts, once in a while. If you make it a way of life, drinking it every morning, daytime and evening , it might not work for you when you need it the most as your stay awake tool.

4. Let your phone stay far from your bed

You might be tempted to start playing games, and following things on social media which might keep you awake. Once your eyeballs detect some light, you might stay awake as well. Therefore, just charge your phone away from your bed. If you use your phone to set an alarm, i think it’s time you buy an alarm clock.

other valuable tips:

5. Make your room a comfortable sleeping place

Make your bed tidy and a comfortable place to sleep in. Even if you could still sleep in an unwell kept bed once you close your eyes, figure out how sleep could be in a comfortable bed. Keep your phone away to make sure no disruptions are there to wake you up. Talk to your roommates and enforce some rules about sleeping time.

6. Set your wake-up routine for the weekends

If you have been sleeping late during your class days, it’s best you don’t sleep late during the weekends. You can sleep early and set up an alarm for a later time on weekends so that you can compensate the time you have been awake during the week.

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