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College Planning

College Beginnings: How to Prep for Your First Semester

reshman year of college marks the beginning of a truly special and meaningful period. Your college years are a time to learn, develop interests, figure out your calling and make brand new friendships.

Personal Advice

Senior Year and Then Off to College

Tweet Quite easily, missing a deadline can happen, but in doing so you can suffer the consequences. The following is an overview of the schedule you can follow in you

Fun News

5 Senior Year College Prep Tips

Tweet In about six months time, high school seniors will be passing through the halls of their schools for the very last time. That day cannot come soon enough for

Education Tips

Navigating the Path From Homeschool to College

Tweet Millions of students are or have been homeschooled, the product of a movement that has been around for decades, but has gained strength in recent years. Dissatisfied with their

Book Reviews

Book Review: Guide To College Majors

Tweet When I was in college, there were students who knew what they wanted to do with their lives and were ready to matriculate the first chance that they were

Education Tips

Updated College Information Portal Relaunches

Tweet nBuy Associates, the owner of SayCampusLife.com, has announced that its ten-year old college information portal, OfftoCollege.com, has been over overhauled. The revised site, featuring a summarized financial aid section,

Career Planning

Succeeding With Your Campus Interviews

Tweet Since the Spring semester began, you’ve probably seen information posted around campus announcing the various opportunities college seniors have to interview with recruiters representing local and national companies, nonprofit