5 Senior Year College Prep Tips


In about six months time, high school seniors will be passing through the halls of their schools for the very last time. That day cannot come soon enough for some who long to leave the confines of mandatory education and explore their options elsewhere, perhaps in community college, technical school or four-year college or university.

Time is most definitely of the essence for high school seniors who are preparing for mid-terms and the last leg of their education. At the same time, college bound students still have some preparation to do if they are to attend the school of their choice this coming fall:

1. Winnow the list — Early admission students know where they’ll be going next fall, but the majority of high school seniors still have their options open. That’s not a bad thing and given how competitive admissions at some schools can be, having strong second and third choices is necessary. Now is the time to rank your top choices and move the rest of the schools to the back burner. Plan to write essays and make your final visits well in advance of your application deadlines.

2. Finish your work — You may have an important senior project hanging over your head, something that isn’t due until the final weeks of school. Instead of adding more pressure to you this spring, use the next few weeks to get your project started and on the road to completion. Besides, you’ll want to spend extra time hanging with your friends who you may not see again until your 10th anniversary reunion if ever again.

3. Volunteer some more — Do you have time to take on one more assignment? Maybe not. But, if you do, use that time to volunteer at school, at your church or in some other capacity. Volunteering builds community mindedness and is a good thing to include with our college application.

4. Attend the prom — You’ve been thinking about attending the prom this year, but just aren’t sure. Date or no date, just go…this event can be a real memory maker, something you’ll look back on with pride, with no regrets, years down the road.

5. The bucket list — From the movie of the same name, there are at least a handful of things you want to do before receiving your diploma this spring. Make up a list of fun stuff including pulling pranks (did I suggest that?!), ask someone out — rejection be damned!, write an article for the school newspaper, go on a school trip… Why am I thinking up things for you?

Lastly, prepare to have everyone sign your yearbook and leave sweet comments on your class’s Facebook page. Facebook may not be forever, but as for your yearbook? Yeah, that will get you noticed when you hit 50.


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