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Education Tips

College Freshmen: Off to College Prep

About one month from now, hundreds of thousands of college freshman will begin to descend on college campuses, particularly across the south. By the end of August those numbers will mushroom with the final group of freshmen on campus sometime around Labor Day.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Dentist

Tweet Dentists conduct preventive care and may fit patients with dental appliances. Every state requires dentists to be licensed, a far cry from the day when barbers routinely pulled teeth.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Pharmacist

Tweet Pharmacists compound and dispense medications as prescribed by physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists or other allowed medical practitioners. Licensure is required of pharmacists in all states, the District of Columbia

Personal Advice

Off To College: Are You Insured?

Tweet The following is one in a series of articles for students heading off to college. To help make your transition to school a smooth one, why not download your