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Should College Football Players Unionize?

Mark it down: the Northwestern University Wildcats are the first college football team to successfully win the right to unionize.

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College Football Kickoff: 5 Straight Days of Action

Tweet The 2013 college football season kicks off tonight, the first of five consecutive days of games that concludes with No. 11 Florida State playing at Pittsburgh at 8 p.m.

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Shut Out: Smaller Conferences Seek New Bowl Games

Tweet Playing 35 bowl games each year may not be enough. With just 125 Division 1-A (FBS) teams battling it out for 70 positions, new games may yet be in

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Will the Big East’s New Commish Make a Difference?

Tweet Television contract is Aresco’s first priority. The Big East Conference announced on Wednesday that CBS executive vice president Mike Aresco has been named as its new commissioner. Aresco comes

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2012 College Football Season Starts Off With a Bang

Tweet Your favorite college football team has started fall practice, with coaches evaluating their players to fill out position charts. A number of programs will start the season with a

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College Football Postseason: All About the Money

Tweet Commissioners attempt to salvage current bowl set up while layering in a new one. Next week, a group of 11 football bowl system commissioners along with Notre Dame athletic

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Should Florida State Move to the Big 12 Conference?

Tweet Florida State University is unhappy with the Atlantic Coast Conference and wants to leave. At least that is what is being shared on message boards, blogs and on sporting

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College Football Playoffs May Soon Become a Reality

Tweet Closing in on a playoff system for big-time college football. Major college football or what was once known as Division 1-A and currently called Football Bowl Subdivisions may finally

NCAA Basketball

BracketBusters and the Art of College Basketball

Tweet Men’s basketball and a February weekend to remember. ESPN, which is tied to ABC with both owned by Disney, pours tens of millions of dollars into college programming each

NCAA Football

Clemson Tigers on a Quest for National Greatness

Tweet Will the Tigers continue to shine this season? Three decades have passed since Clemson’s national title aspirations were last met and it has been two decades since the Tigers

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4 Weeks to College Football!

Tweet The 2011 college football season officially starts four weeks from tomorrow, with several Thursday night games scheduled to help launch the new season. Those “first night” games will be

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Is Boise State Deserving of Being Number One?

Tweet The halfway point of the college football season means one thing: the first BCS poll will be released early next week. That Bowl Championship Series poll is what is