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First Look at 2012 College Commencement Speakers

Tweet Tassle-turning time approaches for this year’s grads. The University of Michigan is one school that sends its graduates off early and this year Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN chief medical


How to Pick the Best College Class Schedule

Tweet Making the college schedule that is right for you. You can’t always work it out to get Fridays off, but by employing the following common sense strategies, you can


How to Make the Most of Your Senior Year at College

Tweet With the fall semester more than halfway over, college students planning to graduate next May have just six months of school left before they must move on to a

Campus News

2010 Commencement Speakers, Part II

Tweet Last month, we shared our initial list of commencement speakers for this year’s graduating class, following up that article with another one looking at controversial speakers of recent years.

Personal Advice

Are You Really Set For Graduation?

Tweet What’s the most stressful thing about the final few weeks of college? If you answered exams that would rank up near the top as would on-campus interviews with potential

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Commencement Speakers Front and Center

Tweet The spring semester is rapidly drawing to a close with seniors preparing to take finals and then graduate. Very soon, colleges and universities all across America will be holding

Career Planning

Should You Move To Pursue Your Career?

Tweet Over the coming weeks, college seniors will be giving a lot of consideration to something besides their grades: what work they will take upon graduation. 2010 is not shaping

Campus News

Spring Commencement Speakers Making Headlines

Tweet Last month, we shared who some of the commencement speakers will be at college graduation ceremonies this spring. We mentioned that the president has three ceremonies to attend while

Campus News

Graduating Ceremonies, Online Student Style

Tweet Have you ever wondered how students who take online classes celebrate their graduation from college or university? If you’re thinking that everyone logs on to a website at a