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Career Planning

Career Choice: Bookkeeper

Tweet Such professionals are also tasked with ensuring the accuracy of the information received, by posting transactions to the correct categories and verifying the receipts of other workers. Bookkeepers typically


16 Essential College Courses for Aspiring Film Makers

Tweet By Marat Gaziev The art of filmmaking is a multilayered process which presents many challenges for aspiring filmmakers. From the initial conceptualization of the story, scriptwriting, shooting, editing, and

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Emerging Trend? Hofstra Cancels Football Program.

Tweet Long Island, New York’s Hofstra University isn’t exactly a powerhouse when it comes to college football. The Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) program – formerly known as 1-AA – hasn’t

Campus News

CUNY’s Fiterman Hall To Rise Again

Tweet Many years have gone by since Muslim terrorists flew a pair of jetliners into the twin World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001. In addition to murdering thousands

Fun News

Yuck! Bed Bugs Invade John Jay College

Tweet Founding father John Jay (pictured) must be rolling over in his grave right about now. The New York college bearing his name is under attack by a different set

Campus News

Fired Columbia Prof Back In The News

Tweet It was a scandal first reported in February 2008: a Columbia University professor was under investigation for plagiarism as well as for hatching an alleged racial incidence whereby she

Campus News

MCC Seeks To Boot Nader Founded Group

Tweet If you forgot that Ralph Nader is running for president this year (again) you wouldn’t be alone. His forgettable campaign is being overshadowed by the Hillary-Obama battle which is

Campus News

Pope Benedict To Visit Catholic University Today

Tweet Pope Benedict XVI, who arrived in Washington, DC on Tuesday to begin a six-day tour of the US, will be speaking at Catholic University in northeast Washington, DC today.