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What Degree is Hot and What’s Not?

In today’s job market a degree alone will not get you more than a guaranteed job interview whereas two decades ago it ensured a more than decent income and a comfortable future.

Career Planning

10 In-Demand College Majors

High school seniors and non-matriculated college students are nervously scanning the news these days to see if their intended career path is still open or whether they’ll need to adjust their plans accordingly. Fortunately, an economic downturn usually means that hiring for key jobs is only temporarily curtailed while the long term prospects for most in-demand careers remain bright.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Critical Care Nurses

Nurses may specialize in different medical areas including critical care. Critical care nurses are licensed professional nurses who are tasked with helping individuals with life-threatening problems.


Nursing Scholarships and Grants For Students

Tweet An ongoing shortage of nurses means that hospitals, clinics and private practices are thrilled whenever qualified students choose this all-important profession. As America ages the demand for nurses will

Academics Campus News

Online University Pledges To Help Ease Nursing Shortage

Tweet Our nation’s nursing shortage has been brought on in large part because there aren’t enough seats at universities and nursing schools to accommodate applicants. This has resulted in more

Advanced Education

Online Learning & Your Busy Schedule

Tweet Last week, we discussed trade schools and how they can be a very good way for a person to transition from one career to another. After all, if you

Campus News

New Health Sciences College Opens, Promises To Expand

Tweet The need to offer additional educational opportunities for Health Sciences majors is great, but one northwestern college is doing its part to change that. Pacific Northwest University of Health