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Make the Most of Your College Campus Visit

High school seniors still undecided about their choice of college can make their decision during spring break. That week-long respite from school typically takes place in March or April, enabling students to finalize their college choices before the usual May 1 deadline.

Campus News

The Talk: College Student Drinking

Most colleges and universities forbid students from consuming alcohol, especially those that are under the legal drinking age — 21.

Career Planning

The Average Salary of Elementary Education Teachers

Tweet Where the jobs are! As of 2010, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 1.66 million people are employed as kindergarten and elementary school teachers. Moreover, the job


Children of Divorced Parents Lose Out on College Financial Aid

Tweet Divorce Impact A recent study conducted by Rice University shows that children of divorced parents may miss out on some college financial aid, even if their parents remarry. Parents

Book Reviews

Book Review: Debt-Free U

Tweet Tackling the college cost conundrum A UMass senior believes families are needlessly taking on too much debt in hopes of giving their adult children a head start in life.

Personal Advice

Off to College: As Expectations Reign (or Rain?)

Tweet By Bill White My son moves into his dorm at the University of Illinois on the 17th of this month – and so begins his freshman year of college.

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Happiest Kid on Campus

Tweet What parents need to know…. Rising high school seniors, college students and parents looking for poolside reading may want to take a look at a new work developed by

Fun News Social Networking

Facebook Survey Reveals Teens Give Parents Profile Access

Tweet Do you know what your children are viewing? Techie Teens Teen use of the Internet has many parents concerned and rightly so. Lots of young people are wired and

Student Loans

Are Federal PLUS Parent Loans Right For You?

Tweet Over the next few weeks, families will learn the exact amount of money owed to their student’s college for the upcoming academic year excluding certain expenses such as textbooks.