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New Rules for Federal PLUS Loans Announced

Borrowing money to pay for college is a given for many families. One obstacle, however, has been creditworthiness or what determines your ability to repay your student loans.


Student Aid: Most Undergrads Receive It, Study Says

The likelihood that your son or daughter will receive student aid is great according to the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS) released last week by the Department of Education.

College Budgeting

How to Pay For Grad School

You have finished or are nearing the end of your undergraduate studies and will soon consider both your work and continuing education options. If grad school is your preference, there may be one overarching hindrance from pursuing this option: money.

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$100 Million Set Aside For Illinois College Students

Tweet Illinois college students got some very good news over the weekend. No, it wasn’t the Fighting Illini’s 47-21 Saturday gridiron thrashing of in-state rival, EIU, rather it was the

College Budgeting Finance Student Loans

Student Aid Is Tougher To Find

Tweet With college students returning to classes in droves over the coming days, many parents are still scrambling for ways to cover the cost of higher education. A tough economy

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New Grad, Fresh Debt – Now What?

Tweet Congratulations, You’re In Debt! You just completed college and have your degree in hand, you’ve accepted the job offer and are planning to begin work in July or August,