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Collegiate Sports

What is the Importance of College Athletics to Society?

College athletics is something that joins us all together as people and as a nation. There is a unique importance to college athletics that appears to be something that is all its own.

Collegiate Sports

Why You Shouldn’t Rule Out College Sports

Tweet Americans love sports with a passion that rivals few other passions. College sports have become a pretty significant pastime on their own merit. An increasing number of people are

Collegiate Sports

Jump Start Your College Experience by Joining a Sports Team

Tweet We all concur that a good education is important. However, not every Tom, Dick or Harry will end up being a doctor, lawyer, accountant, pilot or that career our

Personal Advice

Why Sports Are Important for Students

Tweet School sports are a major part of many middle schools, high schools, and colleges. While some might worry that they take time away from academics, others argue that they