Jump Start Your College Experience by Joining a Sports Team

Jump Start Your College Experience by Joining a Sports Team
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    We all concur that a good education is important.

    However, not every Tom, Dick or Harry will end up being a doctor, lawyer, accountant, pilot or that career our parents dreams about.

    Therefore, finding our footing in sports is as important as succeeding in education.


Professional sport people are of late some of the biggest earning professionals; talk of the likes of Christiano Ronaldo, Messi, Usain Bolt and back home our own Tiger woods and my oh my talk of “Money” Mayweather who smiled all the way to the bank with the biggest payout ever in sports history.

Adopting sports on campus can prove to be a huge part of the college experience. Other than the potential to earn huge chunks of money, following are some of the benefits of adopting sports in college:

Easier socialization

Sports help students easily transition to college life. Getting into a team helps jump-start a student into the adjustment process.

In my second semester during my first year in campus, I used to wonder how my best friend, a football player, had come to be friends with 3rd and 4th year students. When I joined the campus team in my second year I fully understood how he had managed to do it as within a month I was also friends with most team members.

Academic motivation

Far from the belief that sports interfere with classwork, sports actually feed the appetite to study more. Most college teams even require their students to be on top of their classes to retain their places on the teams.

Source of support

Coaches add to the support of lecturers and even go an extra mile by helping students in other levels. They help them overcome emotional slumps and encourage their academic dreams.

In numerous occasion I have found myself confiding personal issues to my coach who is always understanding and helpful. Sharing among team members also provides one with the needed support.


To add to physical benefits of athletics, students also learn good nutritional habits, helping them keep away from noodles, pizza and other junk food.

Professional opportunities

Remember that guy you played with in first year when he was in his final year, well, now he works as a manager in a certain bank and can help you get an internship. Well, though not all college players can turn professional athletes, the social connections can give you a head-start in the business world.

Never think that sports is for the dummies in college, you are very wrong. Actually the NCAA requires a minimum grade point average to participate. The grade requirement is even higher for YHC.

All said and done, a good sport-academic mix can help a student achieve success in both academics and sports.


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