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Personal Advice

How To Maximize Your Time Spent On Holiday Breaks

School holidays can pass as boring if you have nothing productive planned on your to-do list. You have so much time on your hands and nothing worthwhile to direct it to.

Personal Advice

What to do After College – Job, Vacation, Travel, Improve, Have Fun?

You’ve done your drinking, your smoking up, your studying (maybe not as much), your dating, and now your days of having fun are over. 4 years of college gone in a flash.

Fun News

Why You Should Visit the Cave of Crystals in Mexico for Your Winter Break!

Tweet Looking to getaway for your winter break? Why not consider a trip to Mexico? With so many amazing wonders that occur naturally in our world, such as breathtaking rock

Campus Life Featured

Vacation On A Budget: 5 Inexpensive Alternatives To Traveling

When you want to go on a vacation, but you haven’t got the budget, it’s tough to figure things out. Many students will settle for getting into debt or just won’t go anywhere at all, but there’s a happy medium where you can find an alternative route on a budget.