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Personal Advice

Dorm Life: Grin It, Bear It or Make the Most of It

Tweet By Amanda Green There are ways to spruce up your dorm room, inexpensively, so that it doesn’t look like a cell from Sing Sing. You can not only make

Personal Advice

How to Make the Most Out of College Summer Campus Visits

Tweet Fortunately for them, all four schools on her list are in the midwest and will be visited several days apart over a two-week period. They’ll be mixing vacation with

Campus News

Yale-NUS College Names Its First President

Tweet Last year, SayCampusLife noted that Yale University and the National University of Singapore were teaming up to launch a new college in this southeastern Asia country. That school, dubbed

Personal Advice

College Cash: Earn It Fast!

Tweet Fast and (usually) easy ways to earn cash. Still, providing a gift to show your appreciation may be important to you, especially for your parents who have given you

Personal Advice

How to Put Up With Your College Roommate

Tweet Whatever, you’re stuck with your roommate for the rest of the academic year. And, if you don’t learn to get along, you’ll both be driving each other crazy, perhaps

Social Networking

5 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Following

Tweet If you’re looking for way to increase your Twitter following without attracting spammers only, there are five steps you can take to ensure that you’re worth following: 1. Offer

Campus News

Survey Says: College Still Worth It

Tweet College Board survey offers a ringing endorsement for postsecondary education. However, that would be the wrong conclusion to draw based on the results of a College Board survey which

Personal Advice

Attention College Students – Don’t Over Think Fundraising

Tweet By Jason Lancaster However, when it comes to fundraising for a college club, religious group or other college-affiliated organization, students should remember that the status quo works…don’t over think

Campus News

Group Says Community College Students Are Denied Funding

Tweet Community college is one of the most affordable ways for students to obtain college credits, an important launching pad to four-year schools or for offering sufficient training through offered

Campus News

University of Alabama Begins Slow Recovery Following Tornadic Outbreak

Tweet The University of Alabama canceled classes on Thursday following the worst tornado outbreak to strike the state in almost 40 years.1 The school’s main campus in Tuscaloosa escaped damage,


Are Colleges Discriminating Against Student Athletes?

Tweet Sports and academia go hand in hand at most large colleges and universities in America. We’re the only country in the world where sports influences higher learning to the

Campus News Scholarships

LIFE Foundation Announces 2010 Scholarship Recipients

Tweet College bound students who have lost one or both parents often find themselves at a financial disadvantage to other students who can count on the support of two parents