College Cash: Earn It Fast!

College Cash: Earn It Fast!
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    With Christmas on the way, college students who want to give gifts may be faced with a problem: how to get enough cash together to buy what they want.

    Family members and friends will understand that your resources are limited and won't expect you to buy them anything.


Fast and (usually) easy ways to earn cash.

Still, providing a gift to show your appreciation may be important to you, especially for your parents who have given you so much.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can raise money quickly and legally:

1. Take surveys

— You won’t get rich taking surveys, but you can make enough money here and there to reach a rewards level fairly quickly. For example, provides surveys and you may be contacted daily. Once you reach the $10 level, you can get one-year magazine subscriptions for Fast Company, Inc. or Latina. Also, you can get $10 in DVD rentals from Blockbuster Video. Higher levels of rewards can be reached if you hold off on cashing in.

2. Sell your textbooks

— Those no longer used textbooks stashed away in your closet may no longer be doing you any good. Sell these to the college bookstore or post your information on bulletin boards around campus or the college website to find a buyer. You’ll earn some quick cash and have a cleared out closet to show for it.

3. Take on a gig

— People post job opportunities on websites such as Craigslist, including temporary gigs you can complete on your tight schedule. Once you see through the many scam opportunities, you may find a gig that pays and pays you well. Keep in mind that you may need to set aside some of your earnings for taxes next year.

4. Sell your stuff

— Speaking of Craigslist, this site and eBay are great places to go to sell your stuff. Be mindful that when selling locally, you may have to deal with creepy people. If that thought creeps you out, then sell that MP3 player or CD collection on eBay.

5. Donate plasma

— If you’re in good health, then someone wants your plasma. Literally! Companies will pay you to have your plasma extracted from a pint of blood and your blood returned to you. You can earn $20 to $30 for each donation and donate up to two times per week. Your plasma is then “harvested” for use in life-saving medicines, allowing you to enjoy a financial benefit with the realization that you helped one or more people.

6. Tutor fellow students

— Your top notch study skills means you’re breezing through college. However, not all students are thriving. Your school may be looking for students able to tutor or you can tutor on your own. In any case, you’ll get paid for your work and have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped a struggling student understand his assignment.

With a little bit of cash you can make your Christmas gifts too. If you love crafts, your local craft store has all the supplies you need and may offer a class on how to put that Christmas candle display together or how to make a wreath. Also consider local thrift stores to find gently used items you can gift to those whom you love.

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