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Off to College? Get Organized!

Tweet An organized student is one who has mastered the complexities of college life and has discovered that he can still have some fun and achieve his goals. Let’s take

Campus News

Gov. Perry Pushes $10,000 College Cost Initiative

Tweet Is cheaper college education on the way? Perry’s Plan Well, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who also happens to be candidating for the job as the next president of

Book Reviews

Book Review: College Major Quizzes

Tweet Consider your interests, skills, values and personality when selecting a college major. Getting it right from the start can help students finish college on time, save money and prove

Career Planning

Portfolio Management Software, Technomenclature, B2B… Pardon?

Tweet By Megan Clayton But it’s not only the jargon that you will need to worry about. With all the talk about jobless graduates, the pressure really is on in

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5 Colleges Make the Affordability Grade

Tweet Few colleges are deemed affordable for low-income students. Others might find it easier to obtain their bachelor’s degree at four-year institutions like South University Richmond VA due to the

Online Education

How to Choose an Online College

Tweet But, obtaining that elusive degree is a must for many working professionals. After all, if you want to move up at work you may need to demonstrate that you’ve


How to Find Grant Money for College

Tweet Before we move forward to look at grant money for college, be forewarned: there are too many scams out there to count. That is why we won’t name specific

Personal Advice

House of Horrors: Establishing Rules for the Roommate from Hell

Tweet By Sarah Danielson Every year, the young adults among us head off to their first year of college with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads, or more likely,

Career Planning

10 Job Prep Tips For College Seniors

Tweet No sooner have college seniors cracked open their textbooks for the first time this fall comes advice from Career Services Director Ladd Flock of Wake Forest University in Greensboro

Online Education

Online Educator Western Governors University Reaches Milestone

Tweet As far as major universities go, Western Governors University in Salt Lake City, Utah, isn’t a household name. The school doesn’t have a huge research facility, active alumni or

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Dual Enrollment Program Report Spotlights Trend

Tweet An alternate educational path needing more support. The path to college is not always a smooth or straight one for high school students. For some, their only real chance

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Back to School Tips for the College Student

Tweet By Vera Mosely Start off the new school year right. Summer is flying by rapidly. Before you know it, it’s going to be time for you to head off