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Education Tips

College Seniors: Life Beyond Academia

College students approaching their final year of undergraduate studies have much to consider. A year from now and you may be looking for work, gainfully employed or turning your attention to graduate school.

Campus News

Still Undecided? College Decision Day Looms.

Tweet Chances are that one or more college staff members have been in touch with you since you were accepted by them. A U.S. News & World Report article, As


7 Reasons for Attending College

Tweet However, if you’re flexible in your choice of college, then there shouldn’t be much of any obstacle that would keep you from attending. Therefore, the answer here is “no.”

Personal Advice

How to Stay Organized While at University

Tweet These students were not necessarily unable to grasp the educational challenges of a post-secondary education, instead a lack of organization and discipline may have played a large part in

Campus News

Saylor Foundation Seeks to Make Higher Education Free

Tweet Well, the Saylor Foundation aims to make higher education much more accessible by bringing together hundreds of college-levels courses and offering these for free to interested students. Courses in


What are the Benefits of a Small College Class?

Tweet Large, public universities are more apt to offer such classes, something that is simply unheard of with small, private colleges. There are advantages, though, to college classes that are


What Does it Mean to Audit a Class?

Tweet How to take an audited class. Well, this practice is known as auditing and it can offer some important benefits to the college student, including allowing for self-improvement or

Advanced Education

How to Get Ready for Grad School

Tweet Regardless of your reasons for wanting a master’s degree, you should start your graduate pursuit early on in your senior year of college. 1. Explore your options. When you

Personal Advice

How to Make the Most of College Freshman Orientation

Tweet Your first week at college. Your college friends will include people in your dorm, but take advantage of your college freshman orientation to meet more people and to enjoy

Personal Advice

Preparing for College: What Skills Are Universities Looking For?

Tweet By Jayme Stewart Students across the country are facing the prospect of a limited job market upon their entrance into the workforce. For this reason, the competition is more

Education Tips

How to Get Accepted By Prestigious U.

Tweet Ivy League, Duke, Stanford and other top-notch schools. Some people place the Ivies above all the rest, but most any reputable list (including Forbes’ America’s Best Colleges)includes Whitman College,

Career Planning

Career Choice: Museum Curators

Tweet In her role as a curator, the museum director acquires, stores, and exhibits collections, including those that are on loan to the museum. The museum director may conduct research,