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5 Key Tips for Staying Organized in College

Did you know that Americans spend 9 million combined hours a year looking for things? If you’ve ever spent time looking for your keys, then you know that number is all too true.

College Living

College Tips – How to Manage Your Time

As a college student, it is challenging to manage your studies, especially when you’re just starting to follow the path that you want to be your destiny someday.

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How to Do More in Less Time- College Student’s Guide to Time Management

According to a study conducted by Cengage, 78 percent of college students admit that they sometimes struggle with time management issues.

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How College Students Should Manage Their Studies and Free Time

Tweet Responsibilities become all the more clear when one no longer has their parents hovering around them. While many embrace this mark of independence, it should be approached with caution.

Education Tips

The Successful College Student’s Time Management Guide

Tweet Having a clear and organized schedule and doing away with procrastination will ensure that you are well prepared during your exams. As much as time is available to everyone,

Advanced Education

Easing the Start of a new Chapter in Adult Education

Tweet However, the life experience that these students have often benefits them and enriches the class experience for everyone. There are thousands of students who are attending college every year.

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Making the Most Out of Your College Years – 4 Tips

Tweet That is why you should make the most out of your college years. Below are some tips for making your college experience awesome: 1. Take courses just for fun

Study Tips

Study Tips and Tactics to Ace your Exams

Tweet When you are asked what obstacles take over your academic success during exams in college, most of your answers are stress, work and depression right? What about a simple

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Top 5 Reasons Why Working During College is More Valuable

Tweet Usually, college is portrayed as a time when you should focus on your studies and have as much fun on the side as possible. While this is the approach

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7 Time Management Tips for Students

Tweet 1. Think About What’s Necessary There are things you’d like to do, and there are things you need to do. You’d probably like to go through your closet and

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Time Management for College Students

Tweet If you thought that high school time management was a challenge, you’ll soon realize that college life can be even more complex. You can reduce your personal stress and

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Time Management, College Style

Tweet Here’s a thought: you have a big test coming up in a few days and you need to show some progress on a term paper for your European History