Still Undecided? College Decision Day Looms.

Still Undecided? College Decision Day Looms.
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    High school seniors bound for college are just days away from an important deadline.

    College decision day is May 1, the date when colleges and universities expect students to decide where they plan to attend school this fall and back up that decision with a deposit.


Chances are that one or more college staff members have been in touch with you since you were accepted by them. A U.S. News & World Report article, As College Decision Day Looms, Schools Say: Pick Me, outlined the efforts that some colleges take to get students to make their decision including paying part of their airfare for a campus visit. Other methods include reaching out to accepted students by phone, emails and webinars to persuade them.

What if you’re still undecided? How can you make a decision without outside influence? It can be hard to come to a certain choice especially if you’re being serenaded by one or more colleges. Still, asking yourself the following questions can help you reach your decision.

Can you afford it? Perhaps “affordability” has been holding you back on your decision. If so, consider whether you feel comfortable borrowing money to finance your education. If not, then scratch a school that you cannot afford off your list. You may find that attending community college for two years and then transferring to your school of choice to obtain your bachelor’s degree is the right path for you.

What are other students saying? Your peers will have a lot to say about the school you are considering attending. Some of your high school classmates may have already committed to that college — they’re the people you will want to talk with to get some feedback. Also, if you have contact with current students, their input can be extremely valuable too.

Can you imagine yourself at this school in six months, even in four years? Your idea of a college may be based on marketing materials, but what is that reality for you? Can you see yourself spending long winters at a school in the far north? Or, do you really like Florida that much? Can you see yourself remaining happy at college for the next year or more?

Will the college prepare you for life? Ultimately, college is a steppingstone to your life, your career. If you believe that particular college has what it takes to prepare you, then give this school your consideration. If you are not sure that it will, then look elsewhere.

Decision Day

Of course, you want to start what you finish by choosing the college that is right for you. Approximately 1 in 3 students, however, do eventually transfer to another school, with some moving on from community colleges with others simply unhappy with their first choice.

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