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Campus Life

School Supplies You’ll Need To Bring to College

Explore this list of school supplies you’ll need to bring to college to ensure you have everything you’ll need to have a successful first year.

Campus Life

How College Students Can Get Necessary School Supplies Cheaper

Even though many campuses are switching to online offerings, school supplies still cut deep into many student’s savings. It’s no surprise that college students look for any way they can cut the costs of student living.


4 Student Supplies Every College Classroom Needs

The design and use of college classrooms has changed dramatically in recent years with the growing use of technology. However, certain basic supplies are still found in most classrooms due to their helpful support of academic learning.

Education Tips

How You Should be Organizing Your College Day (and Why)

College students of all ages can struggle with staying organized throughout the semester. The first two weeks of classes, students tend to start out all excited ready to take on the course load!

College Living

Moving Out: List of Necessary Items for College Students

News about enrolling for a college usually brings about a lot of excitement. It is important that students about to join college be aware of the necessary items that they would require for use at the college.

Education Tips

College Freshmen: Off to College Prep

About one month from now, hundreds of thousands of college freshman will begin to descend on college campuses, particularly across the south. By the end of August those numbers will mushroom with the final group of freshmen on campus sometime around Labor Day.

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Off To College: Avoid The College Bookstore!

Tweet The following is one in a series of articles for students heading off to college. To help make your transition to school a smooth one, why not download your

Education Tips

Shop Smart To Save On School Supplies

Tweet With colleges getting back in session during the months of August and September, your summer respite is about to come to an end. Soon, you’ll be buckling down and