Get Ready For Freshman Orientation

Get Ready For Freshman Orientation
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    Your shopping is done and your bags are nearly packed. In a matter of days you will take to the road and head off to college.


Your early on campus arrival is due to one reason only: freshman orientation. Yes, for a few days first-year students receive all the attention, allowing them to meet other students, participate in games, learn more about the college and get situated in their dorm rooms.

If you’re heading to freshman orientation, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Sign up for orientation. You are signed up orientation, aren’t you? You may have been automatically added, but leave nothing to chance. Confirm through the freshman orientation packet that you are, indeed, registered. If not, make that phone call today.

2. Review the orientation schedule. Some colleges offer week-long orientation, to allow students to arrive at staggered times. Perhaps the most important thing to note is the very first day that you can move into the dorm. Getting situated in your dorm room usually takes priority over everything else. Here, you get to bring everything into your room and meet your room mate. The official orientation activities made in the beginning until the following day, giving you the chance to settle in. Plan to arrive on campus as soon as you can.

3. Head to registrar. If there are any college fees outstanding, then head to the registrar office to make your payment. This may be something your parents will handle, but it needs to be taken care of sooner rather than later. Leave nothing to chance—have all your expenses covered before your parents leave for home.

4. Go to every session. Your freshman orientation days will be jam packed with sessions and related activities. Some may seem pointless, but that isn’t the point: orientation gives you the opportunity to learn more about the school and to meet your classmates. These sessions are icebreakers as much as informational times.

5. Ask your questions. Freshman orientation also gives you the chance to ask questions. There may be a few unanswered questions about your day-to-day activities, where you can pick up food, find the math lab, and know what your costs will be to attend a football or basketball game.

6. Consider a club. There may be a number of clubs present, including fraternities and sororities, at freshman orientation. Some schools restrict those opportunities for first-year students, wanting them to acclimate to their new environment and to their class load. You may not be ready to join a club, but you may not mind volunteering to collect tickets at a sporting event or help direct people to their seats at a concert. Such involvement can quickly help you get to know your peers.

7. Prepare for class. Freshman orientation will be over before you know it. Soon, sophomores, juniors and seniors will arrive and then your classes will begin. It may seem mostly hectic for a few days, so keep your class schedule in mind. The fun events will lead right up to your first day of college, so make sure that you are not exhausting yourself before your classes begin.

Freshman Considerations

Keep in mind that your first semester at college is one of transition. Your priority should always be your classes above all other activities. If you find yourself struggling—ask for help. There is always someone available to meet your needs.

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