Should You Transfer to a Different College?

Should You Transfer to a Different College?
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    Ideally, students will start and finish their undergraduate work at the same school, enjoying the familiarity, consistency, and the security of attending one school.

    There is something to be said about student and faculty relationships that are built over four years, what can provide a lifetime of mutually satisfying support.


There are times, however, when transferring to another college makes sense and the sooner that it is accomplished the better for the transferring student.

Elevated Academics

You started college at “B” school, but “A” school was your first choice. Trouble is, you didn’t get in or you were placed on a wait list. Instead of missing out on starting your higher education pursuits, you enrolled in one of your backup choices with the intent to transfer later.

Moving on to your top choice school makes sense especially if it has an academic edge over your current school. That transfer may happen as early as the second semester of your freshman year, enabling you to transfer your credits without penalty. Just make sure that you understand the grade requirements for school “A” as nothing lower than a “B” grade may transfer.

Major Opportunities

You may have started college as an undeclared major, but have since discovered what you want to study. Unfortunately, your current school does not have a program for Veterinary Science or European History.

If your academic passion cannot be met at your current school, then transferring makes sense. And doing so sooner rather than later can ensure that more credits transfer and keep you on track to finish college with your graduating class.

Money Matters

You really like your school, but when it comes down to it you cannot afford to attend it. Grants, scholarships and reduced tuition are not enough to close the financial gap. And going into debt through student loans is not an option for you.

Transferring to a more affordable school makes perfect sense. And it can be a good choice if you prefer to live closer to or with your family. Attending college while living from home will help contain your costs and can take the worry off of paying for your higher education.

Social Scene

A certain school may not be an ideal fit for reasons that have little to do with academics. You know what I’m talking about: institutions where partying is a course in and of itself. And for some students the distraction of big time sports, fraternities and sororities and other nonacademic pursuits is a downer.

Your choice of college should reflect your values. If you need a more intimate setting, then transferring from State University to Small Private College may be a wise move for you. It also works the other way — if you find that your college is too confining, then a more open campus may suit you.

Transfer Considerations

You may be able to transfer to another college and not lose credits well into your third year of school. It is up to the receiving college to determine what credits are taken, therefore make an appointment with an academic advisor at the new school to learn what courses will be counted.

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