12 Career Tips for College Students

12 Career Tips for College Students
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    College provides plenty of knowledge, access to the brightest minds in academia, and contact with people that can last a lifetime.

    One area where it is weak is in career preparation, especially how to practically apply what you learn.


Thus, it is up to the student to do what it takes to get ready for life beyond the hallowed halls, by employing the following career tips:

1. Get confident. If you battle with a lack of confidence, that can stymie your efforts after you graduate. Be honest with yourself: if you struggle in this area, then speak with a counselor. You’ll want to get a handle on this challenge and learn the tools necessary to be an overcomer.

2. Build relationships. The people who teach you are also the ones that can help you. They know that you still have much to learn. They can also provide invaluable advice as well as a much-needed reference come job time.

3. Know what you want. You need to work, if you are to eat. Survival jobs can come in handy if that is all you can find. Getting the ideal job may not happen all at once; a back up plan is necessary. Consider that every job is a steppingstone to what you want to ultimately do. Do not be discouraged; stay focused.

4. Define your success. Does money define you? How about experience? Perhaps it is opportunity. Avoid being defined by others, but do define what is important to you and aim for it. Know what success means to you and you’ll have a clear picture of your goals.

5. Plan your internships. That’s right, internships. As in plural. As soon as you can, start an internship. Then do another one. Don’t return to the same company for the second go round — try something different to expand your horizons. Learn what you can, ask to be mentored, show much gratitude, arrive early, and stay late.

6. Stay focused. When working, concentrate on your work, avoid the distractions that sap your energy including email, phone calls, and nonbusiness conversations. You don’t have to avoid all noncore talk, but you should prioritize what you need to get done and do that first.

7. Be deliberate. Be deliberate or intentional about everything you do. That means demonstrating productivity and maintaining high energy levels as you work. Some people aim at nothing and get it; you’ll aim high knowing that you’ll some day reach it.

8. Practice interviewing. Like it or not, you’ll need to master the job interview. And, you can expect to be interviewed throughout your life, whether you know it is an interview or not. Learn how to interview by practicing how to interview. Go on interviews for companies that aren’t on your list. Who knows? You may be offered something new, different, exciting.

9. Have an attitude of gratitude. You may have already picked up this bad behavior or seen it displayed in college: people that complain far more than they give thanks. Resolve to not get bogged down in the morass — stay positive and always be thankful.

10. Seek mentors. You may have been one of the brightest students while in college, but you have a lot to learn. Recognize that and you will go far. Find one or more people to mentor you, individuals that can guide you in your career.

11. Give and you will get. Be a generous person and people will see that you care for them. People that give out will also receive, oftentimes much more than they spent.

12. Look for opportunities. If the market isn’t to your liking, look for opportunities elsewhere. Or create your own. Obstacles are just something you will learn to overcome.

Moving Forward

Life rarely goes as planned with so many variables factored in. You learned some of that while in college and you will learn much more while pursuing your career. Demonstrate flexibility and you will not be broken.

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