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7 Important Steps for Preparing for Your Next Job Interview (Part 2/2)

Tweet Continuing from Part 1. 4) Be Specific Nothing turns interviewers off more than vague answers. For example, if you answer “what makes you a great candidate for this role?”

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7 Important Steps in Preparing For Your Next Job Interview (Part 1)

Tweet This is it. The monumental moment has arrived, and in your mind it’s do or die. This is the moment where you put the pen down, stretch your limbs

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Dress & Poise: How to Present Your Best Self in a Job Interview

Tweet However, this is exactly what occurs during job interviews. How one dresses, speaks and presents themselves will significantly impact how HR professionals form their first and sometimes only impression

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How to Answer 15 Most Popular Interview Questions

As a recent college grad, it’s normal that you become anxious at the very thought of going to a job interview. After all, it takes practice to ace this kind of interaction. But don’t worry – with some preparation, you’ll be ready to face even the most curious recruiters out there.

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12 Career Tips for College Students

College provides plenty of knowledge, access to the brightest minds in academia, and contact with people that can last a lifetime. One area where it is weak is in career preparation, especially how to practically apply what you learn.

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What to Wear to Work – In a Modern Company

Tweet By Duncan Heath Most people may think that the hardest work-related attire decision they will face is what to wear to their interview. Do you go super smart, or

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Job Prep: Preparing For Your First Job Interview

Tweet Yesterday, we talked about the steps to take to land a new job, but today we’re going to explore how you can prepare for an interview. If you are

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Job Prep: Write A Better Resume

Tweet If you are a college senior, before long you’ll be interviewing with companies in preparation to leave academia for the business world. Lots of your fellow students will be

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New College Grads Job Prospects Improved

Tweet The economy is shakier than it has been for the past several years, but that isn’t stopping employers from planning to step up their hiring of college graduates this

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Career Prep: Negotiating Your Salary

Tweet In our most recent Career Prep series, Fielding Tough Interview Questions, we examined typical employer questions designed to reveal your character and weed out undesirable job candidates. Almost every

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Career Prep: Obtaining Strong References

Tweet This is one in an ongoing series of articles to help college seniors prepare themselves for their careers. Previously, we took a look at the components of building a