Graduation: You Are Almost There!

Graduation: You Are Almost There!


Get set to finish college in a flurry.

Your college graduation is closing in with just one more test to take and then you are home free. When the last bit of your academic pursuit is behind you, you will have a bachelor’s degree in hand and you will be ready to take on the world. Even as you finish up your work, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself for life beyond academia including the following.

1. Stop by the career services department.

Your college is vested in your success. Not only does your school want you to meet its academic goals, but faculty, staff and administrators would like to see you succeed in your career.

Your college’s career services department is precisely the place you want to go before you turn your tassel. Make an appointment with a staff member to have your resume reviewed and to discuss your aspirations. You may have already attended an on-campus career fair; your school likely has many contacts in the business community that can help meet your employment needs. You can call on this department after you graduate too.

2. Find people that will vouch for you.

You will need people to provide references as you seek work. This can be challenging if you have limited work experience, but it is not an impossible task. What you need to do is find people that can vouch for your academic and work experience and will be willing to provide a reference.

References should never come from people that are friends or family members. What you want are individuals that have seen you at work. This can include a supervisor for an internship or work-study program. It can also include the night manager at the fast food restaurant you toiled at while in college. Volunteer work is another consideration. Get a reference from a professor especially if the job you are seeking has an academic angle, such as teaching.

3. Tie up your academic loose ends.

With visits to the career services department behind you and references secured, there is another matter of great import that should not be overlooked. And that is your academic standing. You need to verify that every invoice owed to your school has been paid, library books returned and other outstanding problems resolved.

If you leave a loose end untied, you could miss graduation. Likely, your school has notified you of potential problems. Do not ignore these warnings or you may taste unimaginable bitterness as your classmates graduate without you.

4. Get your garb on.

It may have been months ago when you were fitted with a cap and gown. You know what you will be wearing as you climb the stage, receive your degree and turn your tassel. What will you be wearing underneath it all? Besides your underwear, that is.

For men, a shirt, tie, slacks, belt and dress shoes will do. Match up what you are wearing and you will look smart for it. For women, a dress will do with matching accessories useful. Keep in mind that you want a dress that is light and accessories you can put on later (a scarf, for instance) as you may feel too hot with the gown on top of it all. Men and women can “primp” after graduation to put on jackets or take off ties.

Enjoy Yourself

Your college graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so make sure you are participate. It is important milestone that can be followed with a raucous celebration or a quiet meal enjoyed with a handful of family and friends.

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