Stress Points and the College Student

Stress Points and the College Student
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    Stress and college seem to go hand and hand for most students.

    It seems unavoidable, especially as students transition from youth to adulthood.


Other factors are at play too, including money and peer pressure. To that end, we will look at the top stressors for college students and how to handle each one.

1. Financial Pressure

Few students can escape the financial challenges that come with attending college. Unless you are wealthy and have no concerns, you may be wondering how you will make it.

Some students have only enough to pay for tuition, room and board with nothing else left. However, there may be other assistance points available, therefore a visit to your college’s financial aid department is in order.

At financial aid, you may learn that you are not receiving all the benefits available to you, including grants and scholarships. Furthermore, some colleges allow students to earn money, by working in the library, taking tickets at sporting events, or assisting in the cafeteria. Certainly, explore your options and ask how your advisor how you can close the financial gap.

2. Your Peers

One of the biggest shocks for new students is the realization that they do not quite fit in. Then again, they may fit in, but their peers may think otherwise. Consequently, peer pressure can have students wondering how they can measure up.

Here, you need to realize that you are who you are and trying to make other people happy is not possible. Nor should it be attempted. Instead, you need to be happy with who you are and realize that your God, family and true friends are the ones who support you, no matter what.

If you try to please other people, you will be disappointed. Indeed, you may think less of yourself too. If you are still struggling with peer pressure and self worth, visit your college’s health center for assistance.

3. Personal Responsibility

Some college students struggle with personal responsibility, finding it difficult to transition from their parent’s care to their own care. Notably, some feel frightened, are worried about making the wrong choices or may make those wrong choices without considering the consequences.

It is important for you to stay in touch with those who care for you. It is also important that you choose your friends wisely. Spend time with people who lift you up and do not drag you down. Be a friend and you will find that others will reciprocate. Finally, hold one another accountable.

4. Academic Achievement

Another stressor for students involves academic achievement. Here, student must achieve at least a base GPA to continue their progress, otherwise they risk being dismissed from college.

On the other hand, some students are not satisfied unless they are a dean’s list recipient or a presidential or academic scholar. A tight focus on grades can cause them to lose focus overall, making them feel stressed. Here, such students need to budget their time wisely to allow for sufficient study time or risk falling behind.

At the same time, some students may realize that they do not have what it takes to achieve certain academic benchmarks. For those students acceptance is necessary or, perhaps, transferring to a less rigorous institution would be the wise compromise.

5. Beyond College

As students work their way through college, they will note that the end is near. Specifically, the end of their academic pursuits, which means getting a job.

Much stress can be felt by students who may not feel prepared to find work. It is at this juncture that these students should make an appointment with their college’s career center to explore their options. Identifying a career path, receiving assistance with a resume and attending job fairs is each a positive step.

Eliminating Stress

Stress will always be with you, but it can also be managed. Stress becomes a big problem when it pushes you to make decisions you will later regret or if it leads to depression, including suicidal thoughts. Reach out for help if you sense your stress is overwhelming, even debilitating.

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