15 Ways to Ease Your Return to College Life: Part 2

15 Ways to Ease Your Return to College Life: Part 2
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    Returning to college after many years of life in the workplace can be a frightening thought.

    Besides having financial considerations, you will have a host of academic, physical and emotional needs.

    Every adult student needs some advice to make his return to college life easier...


Continuing here from Part 1, we continue to discuss ways in which you can return to college on a good note.

8. Ask for help when you need it.

College papers can seem like stacks of undecipherable code. Ask for help with research projects when you need it. Talk to your professors and get involved in peer tutoring programs. Engage a paid tutor if you need extra help.

9. Spend time thinking about your goals

The rigors of college living can distract you from your purpose. Always remind yourself of your academic goals, and ask yourself what you want from your college experience. You may realize that minor difficulties may give you unnecessary stress, so let them go.

10. Treat yourself kindly

A high-stress, college environment exposes you to negativity. You may feel the occasional sting of failure and feel inadequate. Bear in mind that college is a growth opportunity.; there will be rises and falls along the way. Be patient with yourself.

11. You are not alone

Remember that you are not the only mid-career adult who is returning to college life. These days, the traditional college student, who goes to college straight from high school, is the exception, not the norm. Online courses can get you started in a college environment.

12. Study with distractions

Although everyone prefers to study in peace and quiet, they are luxuries. Accept distractions as a part of your college experience. Prepare dinner after finishing problem sets, and do your homework with your kids. Doing so is a chance to teach them valuable life lessons as well.

13. Spend time on the little things.

You do not want to waste time looking for clothes, fussing over a laptop that you have not charged or scrambled for lost keys. Spend 20 minutes a day arranging these details.

14. Look for alternative sources of college credit

You may not have the advantage of lots of High School AP credit, but you can use what you have learned the hard way to gain an edge. Prior Learning Assessment IPLAs) and Competency Based Education allow you to transfer college credit using online courses that you have already taken.

15. Make connections

Make connections with doctors and friends who can help you with your college journey. You can rely on their support, and you will form an invaluable network for your academic needs.


College life does not have to be daunting for an adult learner. These best practices will ensure a successful return to college and put you ahead in the academic race.

You are not the only adult student who will gain from these strategies for a smooth transition to college life. Do share them on your social media networks and help others as well.

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