Why You Should Write for Your College Newspaper

Why You Should Write for Your College Newspaper
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    You've probably heard that getting involved in campus activities is recommended by career experts as a way to impress employers. It's true that campus involvement teaches students a number of skills that hiring professionals seek among applicants.


Writing for your school newspaper may be one of the best campus organizations to join. Even if you don’t have aspirations of becoming a journalist, consider these reasons why you should write for your college newspaper.

Improved Writing Skills

Yes, one of the most obvious reasons to join the newspaper staff is to improve you writing skills. You’ll be required to write a lot of papers for class, so your extra effort can be put to good use immediately. You’ll also get lots of hands-on experience following AP style guidelines, which may be required for a lot of your assigned term papers, anyway. The more you write, the easier it will come to you. You’ll also get lots of helpful feedback from your editors. Strong written communication will be an asset to getting hired in nearly any field after graduation.

Better Communication Skills

As a student journalist, you’ll likely conduct many interviews with sources for your stories. Talking to strangers can be intimidating. Knowing what questions to ask and making yourself understood also takes some practice. All of these personal interactions will give you the confidence to speak comfortably with new people throughout your college career and your future work life. You’ll learn how to communicate clearly and effectively, while thinking on your feet and analyzing information on the fly. Communication, social and critical thinking skills are also highly valued job traits.

Enhanced Leadership Skills

Working on a school newspaper staff requires a great deal of compromise, communication and cooperation. Chances are good that you’ll end up taking some type of leadership role in your time on staff, even if it’s not an editor position. Being responsible for your section or simply encouraging another writer to meet a tough deadline can improve team building and leadership skills. You’ll discover what motivates people, learn the importance of everyone doing their part and engage in late-night sessions to get the job done. This kind of experience is incredibly useful for future jobs, no matter what field you pursue. Employers look for strong leaders who can think critically, communicate clearly and motivate their teams to success.

You’d be surprised the kinds of doors working for your school newspaper may open for you. This kind of experience also exposes you to a number of different connections both on and off campus. Growing your network in college is highly recommended to future career success. You never know what kind of opportunity you may come across. For instance, Eloise Lynton, a Harvard student, writes for her paper and also started an award-winning nonprofit children’s literacy program. Getting involved in a campus activity like the college newspaper can lead to great things and provide you useful skills that will benefit you both now and in the future.


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