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The Advantages To Getting Involved At Your School

If there’s anything you learn at college, it’s that there are lots of opportunities. From sports teams to special-interest clubs, you’re surrounded by groups in which you can get involved, make new friends, learn new skills and more.

Book Reviews Featured

College Books – Where to Start?

Anybody in college would like a break from the hustle and bustle of course after course. Where do most people turn when they need a break? Books of course! But the real question is: what to read?

College Planning

HS College Planning Tips: for week of Aug 9

You need to start your college essays while you have free time in the summer. Remember that the essay is an important part of the application review.

Advanced Education Featured

Attending College While in the Military

There are a lot of life situations that can preclude virtually anyone from attending college. These include the handicapped, mothers at home caring for children, and many others.

College Living

A Fresh Face: Remaking a Brand for the 21st Century

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Study in Australia: How to Get Started?

Studying abroad is not a new concept. For a long time, students and lifelong learners have broadened their horizons and experienced new cultures by traveling to faraway countries to study.

Social Networking

7 Facebook Mistakes College Students Make

How NOT to mess up your social media presence. Facebook now has 1 billion global users and is a behemoth that has transitioned to public ownership.

Career Planning

3 Step Career Planning Strategy: Self-Mastery

Career planning pertains to a continuous process of discovering your interests and skills, exploring your strengths and weaknesses, and ensuring the career you choose best fits your personality.

Career Planning

Tips for Applying for International Jobs

You’ve finished your stint in business school and earned your degree, and it’s time to start applying for jobs.

College Living Featured

8 Things Only College Students can get Away With

Whether you’re currently in college or out in the “real world,” there are some things we all know college students can get away with that the rest of us just can’t.

College Planning

HS College Planning Tips: for week of Aug 3

Most schools require the use of a computer. How about getting your own: