7 Facebook Mistakes College Students Make

7 Facebook Mistakes College Students Make
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    How NOT to mess up your social media presence.

    Facebook now has 1 billion global users and is a behemoth that has transitioned to public ownership.

    As a user, it can be easy to think that your presence on Facebook is a benign one, but please note: the actions you perform on Facebook today can come back to haunt you, especially as you seek full-time employment.


Let’s take a look at seven of the chief mistakes college students make when using Facebook:

1. TMI — Too much information about yourself can lead to people stalking you. If you want to put up your birthday, that’s okay. Leave off your birth year and put little else up about yourself including where you live. Stalkers prey on FB users and if you’re a pretty young thing, then you’re vulnerable to being harassed.

2. Revealing photos — Never post photos of yourself that are revealing. Sexually suggestive pictures and photos of you in a drunken state reflect poorly on who you are. You may be able to delete those photos, but if they’re are copied and tagged by others, then you have no control over what happens to them.

3. Controversial groups — Never be ashamed of your beliefs, but just know that if someone takes exception with your much publicized involvement with the NRA or support for Planned Parenthood, these choices can affect you.

4. Political leanings — It is a fact that some people are too “out there” with their political opinions and that information can hurt their chances for employment. Speak respectively of people in the public arena even if you respectively disagree. FB can become a cauldron of anger for people who don’t know when to quit.

5. Send private messages instead — Posting on someone’s wall can be fun, but do you want everyone else to read what you wrote? Even if you have the ultimate in privacy protection, your information once written can be shared elsewhere. Write it in private if at all.

6. Too many friends — How many “friends” can you reasonably stay in touch with on FB? To be socially attractive, 302 FB friends is what you should have. If you have thousands, then people will see that you go well beyond the regular contacts. Network only with those you can help and those who help you.

7. Job information — If you use FB to network for a job, you need to put your work history, education details and other resume related information in full view. You don’t need to publish your entire resume, but you should include enough information to help recruiters know more about you.

Facebook is fun and can be a part of your daily networking experience. Drawing the line and cleaning up information that does not belong on your wall is essential for your career success.

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