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College Living

Pros and Cons of Moving Off Campus to an Apartment

Many students find the allure of leaving a dorm room irresistible. Leaving shower sandals, resident assistant, and others loud music behind is appealing.

College Living

The Pros and Cons of Dorm Life

You are heading off to college and will soon encounter a familiar environment: West Hall, the dorm building you have lived in for the past two years.

Campus Life

Cheap Renters Insurance Tips and Advice

If you rent an apartment or a house, you may not be covered in the event your home is robbed or damaged following a fire, storm or other circumstance. You cannot count on your landlord making you whole, but you can count on an insurance company to step in provided you have renters insurance.

College Living

Dorm Living: What Are the Disadvantages?

Yesterday, we took a look at the advantages of dorm living, making our case for living on campus.

Personal Advice

How to Put Up With Your College Roommate

Tweet Whatever, you’re stuck with your roommate for the rest of the academic year. And, if you don’t learn to get along, you’ll both be driving each other crazy, perhaps

Fun News

Making Your Apartment or Dorm Feel Like Home Sweet Home

Tweet By Veronica Davis Home sweet home does not always have to come in the form of an actual house with a mortgage. If you live in an apartment or

Fun News

7 Tips For Getting Used Furniture Cheap

Tweet Unless you are heading back to the dorm this fall, you’ll be looking for an apartment instead. Perhaps alone, most likely with a roommate, and in a place large

Personal Advice

5 Must Know Apartment Renting Tips for College Students

Tweet   Every university and college has students who come from out of town to study and many of them will be looking for apartments for rent to live in

Personal Advice

7 Most Excellent Reasons For Living Off Campus

Tweet Unless you are a college freshman, you probably can choose whether to live on or off campus. After just one semester of living in a crowded, noisy and smelly