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6 unusual ways to make money in college: Part 2

Tweet Continuing from Part 1 on Wednesday… 4. Rent your dorm room for meetings…and other needs It is most likely that a student does not live at his childhood home

College Living

Pros and Cons of Moving Off Campus to an Apartment

Many students find the allure of leaving a dorm room irresistible. Leaving shower sandals, resident assistant, and others loud music behind is appealing.

College Living

Making Your College Dorm Like Home

Do you ever have that feeling of walking into a stranger’s space when you go into your dorm room? I know that feeling. But once I started decorating it and adding a few pieces, I started to feel like it was more of a home than a temporary space.

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Summer Campus Visits Can Reveal Much

Tweet I’m a firm believer in that prospective college students who want to get a strong sense for what a school is all about should make their campus visits during