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To Be Or Not To Be A Debtor

High school seniors continue to have dreadful feelings about their future because they see student debt increasing. The solid facts show that the last decade has yielded a 56% increase of student debt.

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Student Aid Bill of Rights Signed by Obama

President Barack H. Obama has made good on one of his higher education promises. On Tuesday the president signed a memorandum at Georgia Tech in Atlanta instructing the Department of Education and other federal agencies to discover ways to help students with loan repayments.

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Grad Students Miss Out on Student Loan Relief

Tweet Student debt and grad school students. One group, graduate students, are shut out of the loan relief program, and will now pay higher interest rates on their loans. Moreover,

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How to Minimize College Debt

Tweet What kind of self-management abilities? Succeeding in college depends on being well-organized, knowing how to work, learn independently, and use time productively, to name a few. Neuman speaks from

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Understanding the True Costs of Financing

Tweet College aid programs, including scholarships and federal Stafford loans may not cover the full  portion of your college costs. Therefore, many students are turning to private student loans to

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PSAs Encourages College Students To Control Their Debt

Tweet The college years can be a wonderful time for young adults to learn more about themselves and discover what direction their lives should take. It is also can be

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Free Tuition Colleges Really Exist!

Tweet If you’re wondering how you’ll pay for your son’s or daughter’s college education take heart — you are not alone. Granted, the company of others who find themselves in

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Smart Money Tips For College Students

Tweet You’ve seen them in the student center, you’ve come across them on the way to the library, your dorm, even on campus billboards. What am I talking about? Credit

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Private Student Loans Expand Your Options

Tweet We’ve been following some wonderful trends lately when it comes to paying for college including the decision that some schools have made to do away with student loans. Specifically,

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Dorm Free, But Furnishings Are Needed

Tweet Ask a handful of college students who live on campus what they think of dorm life and you’ll probably get a bunch of different answers including: “Its cool. I

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What Are The Best Values In Higher Education?

Tweet College costs continue to surge, rising at a pace that is at least twice the rate of inflation. At some private universities the cost of tuition, room, board, books