15 Ways to Ease Your Return to College Life: Part 1

15 Ways to Ease Your Return to College Life: Part 1
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    Returning to college after many years of life in the workplace can be a frightening thought.

    Besides having financial considerations, you will have a host of academic, physical and emotional needs.

    Every adult student needs some advice to make his return to college life easier...


Every adult student needs some advice to make his return to college life easier.

15 Success Habits to Ease Your Return to College

So what are the secrets to a successful return to college? Adult learners who returned triumphantly to the classroom have these coping strategies to share.

1. Have Healthy Eating Habits

The first of these best practices is to eat well. College canteens are full of delicious food traps. Note that the pizza you are tempted to grab from the on-campus bakery has unhealthy carbohydrates and triglycerides (fats). The noodles that you want to fix quickly for lunch are full of carbs, but few other nutrients. Try to eat at least one meal of nutritious whole foods a day.

2. Sleep Well

Getting enough rest as a college student is no mean feat. The rigors of college life mean endless sleepless nights. Try to get sufficient sleep so that you will not doze off during the most important parts of lectures.

3. Stay Financially Healthy

And then, it is crucial to stay on top of your finances. College tuition is a primary source of financial stress. To make sure that your scholarships and tuition loans are all paid for on time, make the time every week to assess your finances.

4. Practice Good Stress Management

There is no way to avoid stress as a college student, but you can cope with it. Make time for walks and interact with your friends on social media. Find or form a support group of adult learners who also face problems returning to college. Doing all this prompts a relaxed, focused mindset, which will ease college life.

5. Practice Good Time Management

A solid time management system is the lifeblood of college students. Apart from trying to play catch up with your academics, adopt time management skills. Use timers and allocate study periods for different subjects.

6. Make Time for the Little Things

Missing clothes, notes and a mobile phone that you have forgotten to charge all add to your stress. Make time in your busy day to organize these details.

7. Exercise

Finding time to create an exercise routine is nearly impossible, but can be done. Go to class in appropriate gym clothes, so that you will feel motivated to work out after it is over. Walk or bike to class. Exercise with a friend; you can hold each other accountable.

Stay tuned for part 2 coming this Wednesday!

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