5 Reasons Why it is Better to Live Alone in College

5 Reasons Why it is Better to Live Alone in College
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    To live or not to live with a roommate. That is a question every college student has to ask himself/herself at some point.


As a freshman, you probably live in a dorm, but upon starting your sophomore year, the urge to move into an apartment or a house is great. You might opt to live alone, but many students look for a roommate, or a bunch of them for that matter.
There are pros and cons to either, but I’m from the school of thought that living alone is much better than sharing a house with another person or people.

Here are 5 reasons:

1. Privacy

Let’s face it, sharing an apartment with four or five people does not often provide an allowance for some ‘me time’. Whether you want to clear your thoughts or read a book in silence, or maybe even binge-watch a TV show over the weekend, having some alone time is critical to the proper functioning of our brains. Having other people around, constantly infringing your personal space can be quite limiting. If you are the kind of person who walks around naked, or sings loudly in the shower, the only way you can guarantee your peace of mind is by living alone.

2. Freedom

College, more than anywhere else, is the place where people discover themselves. This is mostly a process not an event, and the last thing you need is somebody constantly standing in the way.You may find yourself most comfortable working/reading at night, but having a roommate may see you disagree on when to turn out the lights. Perhaps you are not good with sharing, but you still have to consider your roommate in things such as storage space, food etc. Or maybe you prefer your music at full blast but your roommate doesn’t. There are numerous ways in which small things will result in conflict.

3. Relationships

It is in college that most people get into their first serious relationships. Often, college lovers end up getting married. Living alone provides you with the opportunity to nurture your relationship, giving it a realistic chance of developing into something else. Having one or many roommates is a recipe for disaster especially in a situation where your girlfriend/boyfriend visits often.

4. Focus

When you are living in the same house as 4 other guys, the distractions are without a doubt plenty. A single roommate is already one too many if you want 100% focus on the things that really matter. Your first priority in college should be education, and reading is one activity that can easily be compromised by the slightest distraction.

5. Influence

College is the Mecca of bad influence. Many good guys get spoiled here, and it’s common to see people who have never tried things like drugs their entire lives become regular users. When shopping for roommates, you may think you have the selection right, but there’s no way of knowing exactly what you are getting into. The likelihood of linking up with a rotten potato is high and getting infected by it is only a matter of time.

Living alone is not perfect. For a start, it’s often more expensive as you foot all bills alone. The solitude is unhealthy and generally your social skills take a hit. But when done right, leaving your roommates to live alone may end up being the best decision of your life.If you know a friend who is struggling with the decision on whether to live alone, share this article and you’ll have helped them a great deal.

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