How to Manage College and Motherhood

How to Manage College and Motherhood
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    Attending college is hard on its own, but if you add a child to that mix, you can have a very bumpy ride full of sleepless nights and drowsy mornings.


However, managing motherhood and college is not impossible. With a good support system and a few tricks, you can have both things taken care of.

Look for daycare centers

It’s a great idea to search for some daycare centers close to your home or university before you start classes. Enrolling your child in a daycare that’s close will leave you plenty of time in the morning before you drop them off and you won’t have to rush to pick them up.

If you’re struggling with the costs of daycare, just know that there are many school and government programs that can provide daycare assistance. Check your local Department of Health and Human Services at your university and see if they offer any kind of aid.

Check if your university offers daycare services

Some colleges are really amazing and provide free daycare on-campus for all of their students. If you can enroll in such a university, this would take care of all your daycare concerns.

This is not only free but also super convenient and you can even check up on your kid between classes and be right there in case of an emergency.

Find a local babysitter

Of course, you will often rely on your daycare, family and friends, but a local babysitter can really come in handy in case of emergency. Check with parents in your neighborhood or you can search for them on various apps.

Take your child to classes

If you know your child is well-behaved and can sit in their stroller for an entire lesson, this can be your last resort. Make sure to ask permission from the professor and make sure to pack a bunch of toys, books and snacks in case they get a bit fussy. Luckily, today there are gorgeous and practical nappy bags that will fit all of your kid’s necessities and even leave some space for your books!

If you two sit at the back with all your things, no one will mind that you came. With your child by your side, you’ll get to concentrate on your lesson to the fullest. However, don’t make bringing your little one to class a habit, it should be reserved for emergencies only.

Talk to your professors

Before you start your classes, sending an email to your professors and explaining your situation is a great move. Informing them that you have a child and might have to skip some classes will really make them so much more understanding. You can promise that you will do your best to stay on track, but you never know what the future holds—your child always comes first. However, try to be early, prepare for class and do your assignments on time to make up for the times you might not deliver your top game.

other valuable tips:

Try independent studying

Sometimes there are classes you’re obliged to take, even though they are on opposite ends of the campus or at opposite times of the day. Juggling a child and these demanding classes can be really nerve-racking, so try to consult with the professor and see if you can do some work independently. Many universities do offer this type of flexibility, and if they don’t, at least they will know you’re serious about your studies and would do anything not to fall behind.

Once you’re out of class, make sure to dedicate plenty of time to your child—cuddles, kisses, games and walks will be fun for both of you. Remember that kids are much tougher than you think and they won’t suffer without their mommy as nearly as much as you will “suffer” during your least favorite class!

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