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6 Ways to be More Productive in College

Fresh experiences, new friends and a bright future — the college experience is full of possibility. Ensuring success in college is not easy, but with a few tips in mind, you can prosper no matter what challenges come your way.

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5 Useful Tips on Setting Smart Goals for College Students

Students often enter school without having any idea what is the real value of having a degree in college.

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College Life – Getting Wasted or Wasting Your Life Away?

Ahhhh the life of a college student. Study hard, get good grades, and party like you’ve never partied before.

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5 Tips to Maintain Focus on Your Goals in College

Often, people talk about setting life goals and working so hard to achieve them. College happens to be the best place to attain your degree or diploma which gives you more power and the ability to land your dream job.

College Living

College Life: My 5 Secrets to Success

How many times have you heard someone say that college is supposed to be the best time of your life?

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Motivational-Based Goals for College Students

You are well into the semester and one look at your current progress shows you have much work to do. By staying the course, you hope to reach certain goals that you have in mind.

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Little Known Ways to Get Your Name Out There

Tweet But, when it comes to getting your name out there for your prospective employers, this is one area where you still need some schooling. Rest assured there are a

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Off to College: As Expectations Reign (or Rain?)

Tweet By Bill White My son moves into his dorm at the University of Illinois on the 17th of this month – and so begins his freshman year of college.

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Refining Your Academic Goals Midstream

Tweet Over the next few weeks, millions of college students will be returning to campus to begin the ironically named spring semester. With the coldest winter in recent memory upon