Living With Mental Illness – You are not Alone!

Living With Mental Illness – You are not Alone!
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    You must have heard words like Get up, Be stronger, You can do it, You are just lazy, Do something..

    But what if you just can't get out of a bed?


What if you are feeling something you can’t even express? And you just see that they don’t get it…

It seems like a sad story, but it’s not. This is a story about being a hero! It’s about living with mental illness. At first, you might think it’s just a bad day. It is temporary and it’ll pass… but – IT’S NOT!

Living With Mental Illness

You’ll probably try so many times to act like you do not feel what you feel, denying your own thoughts and continue to go out, continuing with your daily activities – but you notice, the burden is still there, and is always there.

Slowly you realize, that things that made you feel excited are now so hard to do. There is no motivation at all. And the more you force yourself, the harder it gets. You are even questioning your own existence.

You lost yourself!

The story is starting at the point when you realize you can’t go on that way and decide to get some help.

Realizing That You Need Help

The process from realizing you need help to the point where you are actually in a recovering state goes like this:

The first step is making a decision to tell somebody. The second step is a bit harder, but not impossible.

Finding someone who is willing to listen to you and that will encourage you to go to the doctor. It can be a friend, a parent, brother or sister, boyfriend or girlfriend…

Sometimes, no one is there, or you just can’t open up to them about that thing in your head. But, please, reach out to someone. There is always a way. And if you are alone in this, please, don’t think too much and go to a college psychologist or a family doctor, all alone by yourself.


The third step is acceptance. This is the hardest part. Especially if you are surrounded by family who do not support you or friends who are going away by being scared of who you are now.

But, you can search on the internet, Youtube or Facebook groups and find a lot of people who have the same issues as you do. You are not alone. Last step, but the most important – Therapy! Be open about solutions that can help you.

There are so many ways of getting better and it is just a proof that it is possible to have bright days again. You might have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSP, bipolar, borderline, etc. Your doctor will tell you what’s the best solution for you. Don’t say no to medicaments just because someone will think that you are crazy or that you are weak.

other valuable tips:


You are not weak for having a mental issue. You are brave and responsible for caring about yourself and reaching out for help. You are not less worthy for having a mental issue. You can feel better, and you will, eventually. You are not alone. There are so many of us who also struggle with mental health. There are those who understand what is going on.



There will be days when you will feel a little bit down, but don’t question your recovering process, those dark moments will be fading, maybe very slowly, but with the right help, it will. And that is the most important thing, to never forget that you deserve all the nice sunny days in your life. That you deserve to be alive, that you deserve to live all the things that you might have planned to live.

You have value, and your experience might become the story of your own success so that you can inspire others who feel the way you did.

You can inspire them and save lives!

You can start now by sharing this article on your social media and show the importance of mental health awareness. Spread the awareness – you are not alone!

Image Credit: living with mental illness by Pixabay

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